Friday, December 23, 2005

About Scorpios...... about me

Symbol: The Scorpion
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Water - Fixed - Negative
Night Forces - Feminine
Growth Phase: Sex
Secret Motivation: "I Desire"

The sign of the Mystic, the InvestigatorPersonality: Shrewd, determined, passionate, energetic, independent, sarcastic, vindictive, intense, with much stamina, both base and noble.Positive Qualities: Strong-willed, resourceful, full of self-confidence and magnetism, subtle and diplomatic, courageous, shrewd and masterful.Negative Qualities: Possessive, dominating, jealous and cunning, sarcastic, ruthless and proud, often violent.

Be aware of the sting of the scorpion. Satiric, skeptical, amorous. Pride of honor. Love of home. Idealistic in love. Gains power through secrecy, money through relationships. Loyal friend, dangerous enemy. Vengeance is Mine! The surgeon, warrior, strategist, oculist. The plutocrat. Likes debate. Creative or destructive or both! Can keep secrets. Deep, reserved, tenacious. A powerful, probing mind. When he or she is through, it's done!

To organize - in a sensitive, secretive, reflective and strategic manner.

Each of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac represents specific energy patterns, or modes of expression. They act as modifiers of the elements with which they are associated, be it a Planet or a House. Virgo is analysis, refinement, and discrimination seeking perfection and purification of the self. This is the sign of the craftsman.

Those who are born under Aries and Scorpio are classified as the Mars type. You have a strong physique, prominent facial bones, a ruddy complexion, a smiling countenance and a self-confident expression. The upper part of your face is large and receding. You generally have a scar on your face due to an accident in early age. You are restless, quick to anger, but easily pacified. You are frank and forceful, impulsive and full of adventurous spirit. You are ambitious, passionate and jealous. Fond of travel, you are extravagant, lover of outdoor life and full of radiant energy.

You may be an ideal lover, but not always an ideal wife or husband owing to your aggressiveness and ruthless ego. You are capable of much jealousy and possessiveness, but are also a good provider and very protective. You enjoy the domestic comforts and make willing sacrifices for your home. You are a great and romantic lover, very ardent in your attentions, sometimes more than your partner can cope with. You are very demanding in your sex life, with much physical ardor. However, sometimes the eagle that is also your sign makes you capable of platonic love. Your strong physique and glamour often make you physically very attractive, very sensual with your innate magnetism. Your marriage is almost always a very enduring one, despite the fact that you are difficult to live with, and not above a fling or two which your partner will have to overlook, as it does not mean anything for keeps.

Sex plays an important role in the life of every man and woman. It lies at the root of life, and we can never learn to revere life until we know how to understand sex. Indian astrological science attributes certain sexual characteristics to persons according to the sign under which they have been born.You are heartless. Your energy is inexhaustible. You have an immense appetite for sex and tend to treat your partner roughly, just as a vehicle for your lust. You are brutal, magnificently emotional and resilient.

You are intensely loyal and ultra-sensitive where your pride and self-respect are concerned. Sometimes you can be too overbearing. Learn to overlook minor lapses on the part of friends. You are pure dynamite as a friend because you are also secretive and discriminating, so their can be a betrayal, despite your own sincerity.

Truth of LIFE

You don't love a women because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her.