Sunday, September 02, 2007

Whatever Happens, Happens for Good

Can anyone tell me that when we breakup with someone who is close to our heart, why our friends say- “कुछ नही होता”, “जो होता है अच्छे के लिए होता है”?

I’m not asking this because I have any answer for it. I really don’t have any answer for it. But yes, the people who say this are your FRIENDS, and they can’t see you unhappy. They just want you to come out of the distress, the pain you are going through. Keep yourself at their place; I’m sure many of you must have played this part of providing the soothing effect for some or many of your friends. And at this point you also say the same words. This is because you actually you don’t have anything to say.

And somehow you come out of your pain, of course with the help of your friends, and with time. Everyone moves on, leaving the time behind and taking the memories along, which are sometimes kept hidden at a corner of your heart. You again become lively and the people who love you just can’t stop wishing all the happiness for you.

And down the line, some day, by accident, you find another person and you feel at the very first sight that he/she is special. Sometimes you never see them again and many a times you get them as an ANGEL in your life. These superb creatures are so very awesome that you can do anything to be with them. And here starts another story. Being with this Angel you forget everything. You do crazy things, like...... now this I can’t say, as it differs for everyone.

And this relation is so very pure and so different that sometimes you just cannot understand it. And it’s not your fault; this is because you yourselves are ignorant about such an association. But as you understand it, you love it, and more than love, you respect it. Because you never expected anything from it, and because of an unknown force it has become a world to you. And believe me; you will never expect anything from it, but what you get out of it is DIVINE.

And that day we think about the statement - जो होता है अच्छे के लिए होता है. I can’t say more than this, as rest you’ll have to understand.

Think about it.


The happiest person in the existence.

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